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The Ferdinand Cup is a challenge reserved for Porsches produced before 1997. The cars must comply with the technical regulations of the races, meet safety standards, and possess an FFSA technical passport. The cars are divided into four categories based on their power.


Cars with power exceeding 272 horsepower, as well as turbocharged cars up to 380 horsepower.


Cars with power from 212 to 271 horsepower.


Cars with power from 181 to 211 horsepower.


Cars equipped with an engine up to 2.0L with less than 180 horsepower.


 Voitures dont la puissance est supérieure à 380 cv et concurrents invités.
Il ne sera pas établi de classement général Ferdinand Cup Open (FCO). 

The classification of a vehicle into one category or another is determined by the organizer, who reserves the right to modify it during the season based on the car's performance and the driver(s).

Beyond the races themselves, in the Ferdinand Cup, you will meet people who share the same interests as you. Passionate drivers who strive for excellence. You will have the opportunity to benefit from advice, tips, and exchange racing stories while creating unforgettable memories together.

If you are ready to experience an exceptional sports adventure, it's with the Ferdinand Cup and nowhere else!