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Founded and led by Fabrice Pougez, MATWATCHES has built a reputation for reliability, precision, and extreme readability among modern-day heroes.

Inheriting a strong military heritage, MATWATCHES has drawn from this legacy to offer professional timepieces of unparalleled robustness. Iron discipline and adherence to codes are the values that drive our brand, and it is this esprit de corps that appeals to our prestigious partners such as the US Navy, the sea rescue heroes of the SNSM, and the French America's Cup team.

Les Ateliers du Detailing, our chosen partner in the field of automotive aesthetic renovation. They offer a complete range of high-end services for the maintenance, restoration, and protection of your vehicle.

Their unparalleled expertise in detailing is the result of significant experience and an undeniable passion for every aspect of their craft. Their extremely high level of demands ensures that your car will be treated with the utmost care, enhancing every detail and preserving its beauty to the fullest extent.

BM Racing is a company specialized in providing high-end products for both individuals and professionals, covering a wide range of sectors such as automotive, motorcycle, aviation, marine, and more. Their catalog includes an extensive range of products, ranging from engine oils and gearbox oils to brake fluids, degreasers, maintenance products, as well as aerosols. 

The BM Racing team is composed by dedicated professionals who take pride in serving their customers with passion. Their leader, driven by a genuine love for mechanics, instills the desire to provide personalized listening and advisory services to each client.

Classics Stickers is a team of enthusiasts who are in love with beautiful mechanics, particularly the Porsche brand. They offer stickers and decals related to Porsche and cater to fellow enthusiasts who share the same passion. 

They work with vector files to provide professional-quality prints that can be used on various surfaces such as windows, car bodies, plastics, and more. This ensures that their stickers maintain their high-quality appearance and can be applied seamlessly to different materials.

Oreca-store is a specialist motorsport equipment supplier for both enthusiasts and drivers. The company offers a wide selection of products, catering to the needs of both passionate fans and drivers. They have curated a collection of leading brands in various domains, including pilot and mechanic gear, automotive parts, and merchandising for fans.

For many years, LPTENT has developed its expertise in tent manufacturing and the rental of modular structures. The company has evolved with the pace of innovations, continuously optimizing the development of its product ranges and increasing the technical capabilities of its offerings.

Spécialiste du matériel informatique et des services ‘Cloud’ sur le segment BtoB, WORTMANN AG propose de larges gammes de produits : tablettes, ordinateurs portables, PC, stations de travail, serveurs, solutions de stockage, clients légers, écrans etc.. L’entreprise s’est installée en France, près de Strasbourg en 2005 sous le nom de TERRA Computer.

For all Porsche enthusiasts and fans of the German automotive brand, the Ferdinand magazine is a must-read. You will find reports on all the old and new models, stories from different eras, and much more.

Moreover, you will find articles summarizing the different rounds of the Ferdinand Cup throughout the year! 

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